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Lower travel costs with PartnerPlusBenefit

Lower travel costs while earning rewards with PartnerPlusBenefit

Effortlessly lower travel costs while getting more for your money – isn’t it exactly the bonus program you’re looking for as a corporate traveller?

Get to know PartnerPlusBenefit, Lufthansa's extensive free corporate loyalty program. PartnerPlusBenefit offers small and medium-sized companies new opportunities to save on travel costs and motivate employees with rewards. Benefit points are earned on the company account and can then be redeemed for awards including BenefitFlights, upgrades, lounge access, retail rewards and FlyNet® vouchers.

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Background information on this topic

Travel costs – a key success factor

The biggest cost factor for SMEs, after personnel costs, are travel costs.
The advocacy group for the global business travel industry – Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) – expected a worldwide expenditure of 137 billion euros for business trips in 2014. Global spending on travel in 2015 was projected to rise by a further 6.5 percentage points. Flights and related accommodation comprise about half these costs.

Increasingly global business relationships

The reason for the rising expenditures is found in the increasing internationalization of business relationships. Clients and partners are scattered worldwide. Since discussing business via teleconferences or videoconferences is often not enough, mobility is quickly becoming a critical success factor. Being able to act on-site and have personal conversations face to face with your team are necessary in some situations. Additionally, personal meetings strengthen the relationship with existing clients and customers and help to build new and lasting business relationships.

How to lower your travel costs

To remain competitive and resist the pressure of costs, corporate travellers must optimize their travel costs. However, these cannot be lowered at the expense of passenger comfort or safety. Surveys show that, above all, safety and speed are the key criteria when planning business trips. These factors significantly affect employee’s motivation and by extension the business trip’s success. Studies show that business trips must be understood as an investment in the company’s growth and can translate into a competitive advantage when time and costs are optimised.

PartnerPlusBenefit – The ideal partner on business trips

Lufthansa’s corporate bonus program, PartnerPlusBenefit, offers companies savings on business travel costs without compromising on safety, comfort or service. The BenefitPoints collected while travelling for work purposes can be redeemed for BenefitFlights, FlyNet® vouchers and many other attractive rewards.. In order to motivate the employees, WorldShop awards such as notebooks, smartphones or coffee makers are also available. In addition, upgrades offer the possibility of flying in a higher travel class, which allows employees to enjoy more comfort and appreciation. This is a great benefit for corporate travellers on long haul flights who are then able to make use of the additional amenities that higher classes offer, allowing them to arrive well rested, well prepared and ready to work.   

Efficient planning and travel time optimized

Because travel times are also working times from a business perspective, they must be kept as short as possible and should be used in the best possible manner for business purposes. The indirect costs incurred due to potentially unused travel time should not be disregarded. Therefore, flying becomes one of the most effective form of business travel.

During a flight, passengers can prepare for upcoming appointments or lean back and relax in order to arrive at their destinations fit and focused. Internet access on board long-haul flights and partly on European flights allows passengers to work on business e-mails or access the company network. Lufthansa helps its guests to make the most out of their travel time with numerous products and services. For example, online check-in shortens the time spent at the airport, and a Fast Lane allows travellers to board the aircraft more quickly.